Expert audit

Our experts will identify the problems with your website or application and give recommend solutions.
Audit will help you
whether updates are needed. You will receive a detailed report to help you come to a decision.
the interface. We will analyze all options and identify the most effective one for your site.
whether your site is ready to launch a media campaign, and understand if the basic scenarios of your site function properly.
the number of orders. We will identify weaknesses in the key scripts of your site and recommend a solution.
A UX audit is a comprehensive site analysis by experts who will determine what prevents potential customers from performing a key action. As a result, it will give you a list of priority issues and recommendations for improving your conversion and business performance.
What is an expert audit?
Artem Pyvovarov
UX team lead
How we can help
We study all data from the analysis, find places where users have difficulties, and then formulate hypotheses.
Site metrics analysis
We study hotline issues to find urgent problems. Also, we analyze reviews on social networks.
Analysis of applies
We analyze each scenario on the site and identify the problematic areas.
Expert evaluation
We have developed a checklist of 116 criteria based on the 10 Jacob Nilsen heuristics. Two experts will evaluate each of the criteria.
Heuristic estimation
After we have identified the problematic sections on the site and prioritized them, based on this data, we make recommendations that will improve the interface and present a report.
Give recommendations
Results of the redesign according to our recommendations
200 000
Increase in revenue through digital channels
New users in 3 months
Increased number of transactions through a mobile app
2 000 $
Interested in ordering?
I agree to the storage and processing of my data. Details:
Expert Analysis usability
in 2–3 weeks we will determine ~ 75% of all your problems
analysis by 100+ criteria
analysis of analytics and hotline data
analyzation of selected pages of the site to match user goals
specific design solutions or recommendations (depending on the issue)
We recommend expanding the analysis with additional services:
Usability testing
Text analysis
Analysis of the visuals
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new business manager